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Let’s begin with introductions. Hi there, fellow bloggers and readers. I am a student and an aspiring web-dev. This will be a brief introduction to the contents I will be posting here on. Also please excuse my rookie mistakes as I get used to blogging and improve.

LAW 46

“Never Appear Too Perfect”

Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power.

Weeb Stuff

All my thoughts on a particular anime/genre of anime/characters and much more

Psychological viewpoint

The day-to-day learnings and some of my psychological beliefs and recommendations for books.

Random situations

I go across weird phases in Life, bet you all do too. This will be a small space dedicated to weird situations Ie my experiences.

LAW 38

Think As You Like But Behave Like Others

Robert greene’s 48 laws of power

About Us

Student, aspiring Web dev.

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  • volatileweeb@gmail.com

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